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Empowering low-income families to reach their full potential - that's the driving force behind NAECIS Outreach.


Building a thriving community where low-income families, particularly immigrants, bridge the gap to the middle class and beyond.


Our proven programs equip youth from low-income households with the necessary tools for success. These include:

  • Engaging Summer Camps: Keeping children active and learning during breaks.
  • Summer Soccer Camps: Fostering teamwork, physical fitness, and social interaction.
  • Summer Food Program: Ensuring access to nutritious meals during critical summer months.
  • Financial Literacy Programs: Empowering youth to make sound financial decisions.
  • Future Programs:
    • Job Training and Placement Programs
    • Computer and Vocational Technical Training Programs
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Youth Program

NAECIS primarily focuses on supporting youth in becoming the strong pillars of our community.

Mental Health Services

New American Economic Community Information Services for Youth offers mental health services to treat children

Employment Assistance

Many have trouble finding work due to cultural and language barriers.

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Helpline: +1 (220) 246 2629

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